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Aleksandar Duravcevic Obras seleccionadas de r/e collection
espacio artkunstarte - Galería Arnés & Röpke, Madrid
Septiembre 10, 2015 – Enero 31, 2016

Aleksandar Duravcevic "Another Winter", 2007
Installation view
Installation view

espacio artkunstarte
We are pleased to present selected works from 2007-2014 by Aleksandar Duravcevic in celebration and recognition of his participation in the 56th Venice Biennale - Montenegro Pavilion.

This exhibition gives us the opportunity to view together work Duravcevic has done over the past 8 years, and therefore also to realize that a timeline does not matter much with work that returns to the same concerns that pre-occupy him again and again, offering different perspectives and using diverse methods ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture and video. Memory and story-telling is very much at the center of Duravcevic’s work, where each piece is the melding together of a colorful and often-conflicted past, from early violent years in war-torn Yugoslavia, to an enlightened development in the arts and culture in Florence, and his current life as an artist and professor in New York City. And like memory, it floats backwards and forwards without chronology, creating layers and building context depending on the stimulus of the present. What we see is a very personal journey and investigation in search for identity manifested on work that speaks universally, as we all in our own way search for the same.
Works by Aleksandar Duravcevic have been included in exhibitions in prestigious museums around the world, including The Uffizi Florence and The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City, where they are part of the permanent collection, as well as in the collections of The Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Fine Arts Boston among others. In the past year, his work has been the subject of exhibitions at the Fundación Antonio Pérez Cuenca and the Dvorac Petrovića Podgorica, and he is currently representing Montenegro at the 56th Venice Biennale.

The works in the exhibition were selected from the r/e collection and will be exhibited at espacio artkunstarte - Galeria Arnés & Ropke, Madrid on September 10, 2015 – January, 31, 2016.

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